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About Me

My career path has deliberately been unconventional, to acquire a holistic and integrated skill set, enhanced by Computational Design, leading to unique, functional, cost effective and aesthetic design solutions, often resulting in patents and licencing opportunities.

I am proficient in Design Engineering, Industrial Design and Development, as well as Moving Image Production.

I create, style, develop and visually communicate products ready for either batch or mass production, patenting and/or licencing for manufacture.

I am highly motivated to shape our future through ethical and sustainable design and innovation.

It is great to work with forward thinking people who are not afraid to think differently and are motivated to be a part of something original. The fusion of art & science and also the natural world are my greatest inspirations. 

Robert Creet Copyright 2020

Current Projects

Computational Design

With the Automotive industry being one of the major victims of Covid-19, I now find myself with time to invest into skills that will enhance my career with regards to innovation, namely Computational Design. I am currently learning the Rhino 6 inbuilt parametric modelling, algorithmic and visual coding software interface known as Grasshopper 3D.

To enhance my Computational Design I am also learning the programming language Python. This will allow me to go beyond the current limitations within Grasshopper and push the boundaries further. Rhino 6 / Grasshopper incorporates many of the design and software skills that I have learned throughout my career. The possibilities for applying this skill set are huge.

Previous Projects

Volvo Trucks

Consultancy work with AFRY

Having completed training for working with Kola and PDMLink, I was up and running with some interesting concept design engineering work for Volvo Trucks Cabins, alongside a great team at AFRY’s Automotive satalite office in Gothenburg, Sweden. Unfortunately after a few short months the Covid-19 pandemic hit, causing Volvo Trucks to be one of the first companies to be dramatically affected with a complete shutdown. And that was the end of that. I miss working at AFRY. They had a great team at Automotive!

Previous Projects

Volvo Cars / Polestar 2

Consultant / Employee

I worked in the Gothenburg offices as a Design Engineer on various car interiors, but mainly with the rear of the Polestar 2. There were some major engineering challenges to overcome, but the result was success. For these projects I mainly used Catia v5 and TeamCenter.

This website is currently under construction. I will be adding more previous projects and other content over the next few days and weeks.

3D Concept Design

3D Design Development

2D & 3D Documentation

3D Visualisation

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